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Q  Do I need a doctor's referral?
A  You do not need a doctor's referral to see a physiotherapist in a private clinic, however if you are claiming extended health benefits, your insurance provider may request one.​

​​Q  Can physiotherapy help me?
A  Physiotherapy can promote recovery from injury, assist in the healing process,       and improve health and mobility.​​  Whether an injury is recent or chronic, there is usually the potential to improve strength, mobility, and function.  Call or send an email to Physio Moves to get more information.

Q  How soon can I get a physiotherapy appointment?
A  Every effort will be made to provide you with an initial assessment within 1 week.

Q  I was injured at work - are WSIB claims accepted?
A  Yes.

Q  I was in a car accident - are MVA claims accepted?
A Yes.

Q  What should I wear?
A  Loose clothing that allows exposure of the injured area.

Q  Is there a cost?
A  Private physiotherapy is generally not covered by OHIP, except in specially designated clinics.​​​  An initial assessment is $75, and followup visits are $55.  If you have an extended health plan, a portion of physiotherapy fees are usually covered.  Call your provider for details.


Call 705-988-3737 for a phone consultation to see if physiotherapy could help you.